What People Are Saying

“It’s a privilege and honor to be part of the Carson Forward. I’d like to be involved in its progress. Let’s go.”
Art Lopez

“In 1972 when we were looking for a home to buy and live in for the rest of our lives we selected Carson. Our main reason was because we wanted to raise our for sons in a diverse community. I was raised in San Pedro and have been familiar with the area all my life. At the time I was working for L.A. County Animal Control and worked in Carson. I told my wife that there were a lot of nice homes and people in Carson and thought that we should buy there. The housing prices were also competitive. After looking at homes she and I made our decision and we are glad we did. I attended Cal State Dominguez Hills and graduated with a BS in Public Administration. That was a terrific college then and is a great University now.”
Brian Raber

“Go Carson Forward folks! I am so excited to learn more about what Carson Forward does for our community.”
– Tammy Bertrand

“I love that Carson feels like a community of neighborhoods, while providing easy access to the metropolitan L.A. area.  As the city grows to reach its full economic potential, more amenities and services become available and make Carson an even better place to live.”
Jerry Groomes

“Carson is a great city that has changed visually and economically since I started working for Watson Land Company over 9 years ago.  In 2004, I didn’t know much about Carson and now, I think it’s a better place to work, live and play. The City has a bright future ahead: one where more jobs are created, where residents experience a safer environment, and where schools are equipped with necessary learning material for our future leaders.”
Lorie Pickens

“The evolution of Carson over the past ten years has been remarkable.  The economic growth has transformed the city into a destination and truly a great place to live, work, shop and play.  I am excited to see what new, amazing projects on are the horizon for the next ten years and beyond.”
Katie Pandolfo

“The City of Carson has the feel of a small town community through its culturally rich diversity, passionate and proud residents, and its safe environment. Still a younger city compared to most, Carson is constantly growing and with continued economic development the endless opportunities of an already evolving city makes it an exciting time to be apart of this great community.”
David Gamboa

“Progressively more, as a 40-year Carson resident I consider the city’s fusion of health, safety, education, recreation, housing and commerce as the utmost socioeconomically accomplished metropolitan in the USA.”
Dean Jones